Our Educational Team

  • Mel, Service Manager & Owner


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  • Amanda, Business Manager

  • Melissa, Snr Management & Educational Leader


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  • Emma, Team Leader Explorers


    I am a Diploma qualified Team Leader at Glen Dhu Children’s Service. I am passionate about providing opportunities for children to learn through engaging and meaningful early education programs, giving children the best start to life. 

  • Summer, Early Childhood Teacher


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  • Jade, Team Leader Marines


    I have been working at Glen Dhu Children’s Service for over 12 years as a Diploma Room Leader.

    In that time, I have had 3 beautiful children of my own. From a young age, I just adored babies and children and grew up as the babysitter of the street. I knew early on that early childhood was the path for me. I feel so privileged that I can care for people’s precious children and that I can nurture them and teach them skills for life. What a rewarding job we have, to guide and watch children grow. I feel so blessed.

  • Louise, Team Leader Marines


    I am a Diploma qualified Team Leader and Glen Dhu Children's Service. I am inspired by the intrinsic imagination of children, the awe and wonderment we see form through their play with one another is completely pure, and uniquely creative. I believe this stems from my own childhood memories of play where I was immersed in a world of creativity and endless possibilities.

    My mother’s endless time for her children, and her power to inspire out thoughts to make a simple stick represent an animal or person in our imaginary games was so captivating. I remember the stories she would make up for us each night, and they touched my soul to the point that, as an adult, I needed to share my imagination and nurture children to explore their own imagination. I am so grateful for getting to share these special moments with your children. 

  • Melanie, Early Childhood Teacher


    (Currently on Maternity Leave)

    I have been working in the early childhood sector since 2008, and have had the opportunity to work in various states and territories across Australia. I have my Bachelor of Education (Birth-5 years) and my Masters of Inclusive Education.

    I believe play is the most effective form of education for young children. As children play, they construct knowledge and meaning of their world as they discover who they are. Children should have unrestricted access to opportunities which allow them to explore, investigate and discover their world.

  • Gemma, Educator


    I have worked as an early childhood educator since 2011. I began working at Glen Dhu Children’s Service in 2019 after taking a few years off to have 2 beautiful children of my own. I currently hold a certificate III in early childhood education and care, and currently working towards completing my Diploma.

    I am passionate about my role and value the relationships I get to build with children and families attending the service. 

  • Stephanie, Educator


    I commenced my early childhood journey after having my own children. I completed my certificate III in early childhood education and care in 2015, and currently working towards completing my Diploma. I take pride in my career and have a passion for teaching young children, and want our next generation to be happy, successful and engaged members in our community.

    I believe good early learning provides the necessary social, emotional, and physical development of each child and I enjoy being involved in this process. 

  • Michelle, Educator


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  • Susan, Educator


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  • Barsha, Educator


    I have been working in the early childhood sector for 7 years as a Diploma trained educator. It is an amazing feeling to know that you are supporting children through some of the most important years of their lives. It is such a rewarding experience when each personality makes your day special.

  • Hannah, Educator


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  • Georgia, Educator


    I currently hold my Certificate III in early childhood education and care, and currently completing my Diploma. I value the relationships I develop with children and their families, and I enjoy seeing how children grow throughout the year and sharing this with their families. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is knowing I’ve made a difference. 

  • Luke, Educator


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  • Jules, Educator


    I am currently working and studying to gain both experience in the early childhood sector, and my Diploma of early childhood education and care. Prior to working at Glen Dhu Children’s Service, I spent five wonderful years working at a primary school as an Integration and Literacy Aide. 

  • Rohani, Educator


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  • Monique, Educator


    I am currently completing a certificate III in early childhood education and care. I commenced working at Glen Dhu Children’s Services earlier this year, and have thoroughly enjoyed developing relationships with children, families and educators. I consider it a privilege to work with children, providing them with care and guidance during their first years. 

  • Bishnu, Educator


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