Our Philosophy

 We believe it is paramount to provide a high quality education that promotes a sense of belonging and wellbeing in a safe, inclusive, & equitable environment that values connections between children, families, educators and community .

We advocate for the rights of the child and recognise that each child is unique with their own interests, strengths and abilities. We maintain high expectations of each child and acknowledge that children are confident and successful learners with agency, cultural and linguistic rights.


We provide opportunities for children to build connections to ensure that they are active global citizens with shared responsibilities to their environment and community.

We will become co-learners with children and their families and will promote a respectful understanding of the richness of local community members including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

We support parents/ families in their role as the first and foremost influential caregivers and teachers, with the right to make decisions about their child. We develop and maintain respectful and genuine relationships with families and collaborate in shared decision making in order to ensure that all children’s learning experiences are meaningful.

Our Educators work collaboratively with children to develop nurturing and trusting relationships that allow children to feel safe, secure and supported.

Our Educators engage in intentional teaching practices that are deliberate, purposeful and facilitate growth, development and learning through play and discovery. We will provide learning opportunities that are holistic, dynamic and contribute to building strong foundations that will empower children to become lifelong learners.

Our Educators acknowledge the importance of professional development and learning opportunities. We engage in ongoing reflective practice that will inform and enrich decision making about children’s learning, educator practice and pedagogy.

We are conscious of our carbon footprint and will continually look at ways to minimise our effect on the environment. We will model respect, care and appreciation for the natural environment.